Where the true meaning of Wellness is present

Healthy Day

A day dedicated to body, healthy eating and exercise

An EPIC HEALTH DAY is what will happen on the eight hectares of EPIC SANA Algarve on September 21st at 09h00. With the presence of presenter Isabel Silva, all day long there are several activities that will take place, including:


  • A Food Workshop
  • Nutrition Tips
  • Yoga mindfulness
  • Bootcamp Activities

12:00 p.m. will be the highlight of the day, where a perfect team composed by the well-known host, Isabel Silva and the EPIC SANA Chef will give a food workshop together. All recipes were thought of in a way that saves you time but where you can also learn how to make the most out of all the ingredients.


  • 21st of September – Atlantic Garden

9:00 - EPIC Yoga

          - EPIC Mindfulness

10:30 - EPIC Workout

12:00 - Workshop | Isabel Silva / EPIC SANA Chef

13:00 - Healthy Lunch

14:00 – Nutrition Workshop

15:00 - EPIC Bootcamp

16:00 - EPIC Yoga

           - EPIC Mindfulness


And more:

  • Physical assessments and nutrition consultations by appointment
  • Spa and massage demonstrations (5’) throughout the day
  • Possibility to win massages and personal training lessons


  • Registration - 15 €
  • Registration with lunch included - 30 €


Important: Your reservation will be confirmed by email as soon as possible.